3 Common Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

3 Common Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

Lawn too dry? Not able to keep an eye on how green your grass is 24/7? Well, thankfully there are irrigations systems out there that can help you out! Picking the right type of sprinkler head for your yard is essential to keeping your lawn looking picture perfect and lush. There are quite a few different types of sprinklers out there so it can be a little challenging to choose the right one for you. Here we're going to go over 3 of the more common types of irrigation sprinkler heads, and hopefully help you decide what's best to keep your lawn fresh!

Spray Head Sprinklers.

This is probably the most common sprinkler on our list. No doubt you've seen this type in other lawns and especially in commercial properties. A spray head sprinkler is small sprinklers that let out water in a fan-shaped motion. A standard comparison is to imagine a showerhead and how they spray in your shower. These spray head sprinklers can be fitted with various nozzles to create all different patterns for the water flow. If you intend on having many sprinkler heads set up in your yard, these nozzles need to be at least 18 feet apart. They also work with the lowest amount of water pressure, coming in at 20-30 PSI.


When you think of rotors, think of the word rotate. That's precisely what these sprinkler heads do. Even the old fashioned dance move called "the sprinkler" is based on the mechanics (and also the sound) of a rotor sprinkler. Thankfully, newer versions of this type of sprinkler head are much quieter than the original "tik-tik-tik-tsssss" rotor. These sprinklers can be done in multi-stream models, and they tend to be pretty impressive (think about the irrigation systems on baseball fields). These use a bit more water pressure, at around 35-45 PSI and require that rotor sprinkler heads be placed 20+ feet apart. 

Pop-Up Style.

Have a smaller lawn and don't want an annoying plastic piece poking out of your lush grass? Or maybe you have children or even pets and are worried about them potentially tripping or getting hurt on a traditional sprinkler head that permanently sticks out. Well, with the pop-ups, you don't have to worry about that! The name itself is pretty self-explanatory as these sprinkler heads pop up when in use, and shoot back down when they're not. This keeps a smaller lawn looking great and doesn't have the eyesore of a couple of sprinkler heads popping up every few feet. 

There are many other types of irrigation sprinkler heads to pick and choose from, but these three are the most commonly used and work perfectly for any lawn care needs!  


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