Tips to Keep Grass Green in a Florida Summer

Tips to Keep Grass Green in a Florida Summer

There are few things more satisfying than a pristine, well-manicured lawn. Being able to walk out your front door to a yard of bright green grass is a very welcoming feeling. But it can be hard to keep the grass green, especially in the harsh heat of a Florida summer. It can be done, though! Here we will go over a few tips to keep your lawn looking luscious while the temperature rises this summer in the Sunshine State. 

Keep the soil moist with mulch. These keep your yard hydrated (along with proper watering) but make sure you don't put too much because it can rot and leave you with a ruined lawn.

Get up early to water your lawn! It might suck to wake up earlier than you want, but it will benefit your yard in the long run. It's best to water before the sun is fully out and shining and avoid watering in peak heat hours (10 am to 4 pm). 

Install a drip irrigation system. This will ensure that your yard stays healthy without the issue overwatering and drowning your grass. It uses a low-pressure, low-volume water distribution that can be placed directly on the ground or slightly buried to allow maximum hydration for the roots.

Let the grass grow! The longer the grass is, the more stabilized the roots get and adds more drought resistance to your yard. Ideal grass height is at about 3 inches, so when mowing makes sure you set the blades high, so you're not giving your yard a crew cut. 

Clean your gutters! This may sound like an added chore, but it can genuinely benefit your yard, especially during Florida's rainy season (which coincides with our super hot summers). Those showers and storms can be plentiful, so why not have clean, flowing gutters that can utilize that rainwater for your yard? Position them toward the properties highest elevation and make the most of those rainy days.  

It's possible to keep a glowingly green yard in Florida's notoriously hot summers, just as long as you stay on top of your yard treatments. Hydration is critical in keeping your grass green, but not too much, or it will be just as bad as not watering. Create a watering schedule that works best for your grass and keep all the neighbors envious of your pristine lawn!


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