Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Repair

Nick’s Fix It works vigorously to keep your irrigation system in check. When it comes to repairs in your irrigation system, we zone in on specific problem areas, or entire system repairs, to provide the most efficient process. Areas of expertise include, but not limited to, valves, timers, system leaks, as well as wiring and all that involved with wiring (such as wire tracking and valve location).

It's important to keep your irrigation system updated and working correctly, especially in Florida. Summer brings on some of the most brutal weather conditions, and it also seems to last longer than a typical summer anywhere else. You can't rely on a potential rainstorm to keep your lawn looking pristine all season long. This is where we come in. Repairing an older irrigation system could be just what your lawn needs during those hot days when the sun just won't back off. Though be advised, taking a stroll through your properly running sprinklers on a humid day will be even more tempting now!

Whether it is for a whole system repair or replacing a broken sprinkler head, there is no repair too big or too small that our specialists can’t handle. Don’t be afraid to get your system evaluated today so you can have a beautiful yard tomorrow!

If you are in Central Florida and are needing irrigation repair services, please call (407) 404-4004 or use our online contact form to send us a message.

Some of Our Work

Sprinkler Replacement

Replaced sprinkler.