When Is The Best Time To Water My Florida Grass?

When Is The Best Time To Water My Florida Grass?

Your lawn is usually the first impression made on new guests to your home. A patchy yard could be an awkward first hello for some homeowners, and in Florida, the heat can really patch it up (and not in a good way). So how can one keep their lawn looking luscious in Florida? Watering it correctly is the key! Here we will go over the best times to water your lawn and how to keep those first impressions positive for guests.

Waking up in the middle of the night to water your yard is probably not going to happen, but the best time of day to shower your grass is around 3 am. This is when the dew starts popping up, and although the dew doesn't have watering benefits, it's important not to water your yard too late and prolong the wetness of your yard. This could lead to pests and disease in your yard that could eventually result in many dead patches no matter how much you water it.

Because of the early morning desire to be watered, the smartest idea would be to have a sprinkler system installed with an automatic timer. This will ensure that your lawn gets watered adequately at the specific early morning time without you ever having to leave your bed. It's not necessary to water later in the day because of the Florida heat. The irrigation water would just be wasted as it would evaporate as soon as it hit the grass blades.

The amount of water used to replenish your lawn is more than likely meant to be kept at a very low amount. This is another reason why it's best to water the grass in the early morning hours. It will allow you to use the required amount of water and still keep your yard refreshed and glistening come the afternoon.

Whatever type of grass you may have or wherever you may live, it's essential to keep your yard looking nice. Following the right time frame to water, your yard is critical in making sure it stays green and lively. Don't let your next get-together get embarrassing before they even reach the front door!

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