Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

Maintaining an irrigation system can seem like a handful, but at Nick’s Fix It we know the ins-and-outs of our systems like the back of our hands. After installing a new irrigation system, it’s best to keep up with how it’s running. It’s recommended to have your system checked out monthly, to ensure everything is in proper working order. During the warmer months, it is highly advocated to schedule a once a month maintenance check. The cooler months aren’t as necessary because the system will not be used as frequently and will usually need a different type of maintenance.

When performing a monthly maintenance check, we check first for any apparent infractions. This includes that your timers and clocks are set at the appropriate watering times and cycle through correctly. Timers are crucial to an irrigation system because this provides you with specific watering times according to your county. It also ensures that your lawn is getting enough water, not too little or too much.

Other main areas checked are pump, valves, and zones. Pumps are tested first for outer appearance, making sure no cracks or holes are present. Rust is also a big issue on pumps, and if there is any present or beginning to form, the problem is eradicated almost instantly during maintenance. Valves will be adjusted accordingly, as well as zoning checks to make sure said valves are producing the right amount of water with the right speed to the right area.

If at any time during the maintenance check a significant repair is discovered, it will be brought to the client's attention and discuss the routes to get it repaired and running correctly again before any changes are made.

Nick’s Fix It promises to provide you with the most up to date and efficiently ran irrigation system on the market. Maintain your system to help maintain your beautiful lawn!

For irrigation maintenance services, please call (407) 404-4004 or use our online contact form to send us a message.